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Our mail campaign system makes it exceptionally easy to create, send and measure the status of your email marketing campaigns.


People say they open an email because of the subject line

Easily Design Emails

Spice Mail provides you with everything you need to start building beautiful mobile optimised emails with no technical or coding knowledge needed.

  • Drag And Drop Content Easily

    Our builder makes it super easy to design easy and beautiful looking emails to match your brand. No coding it required, unless you really want to.

  • Automatically Generates Mobile Optimised Emails

    We’ve worked hard to make sure all your campaigns look great on any device. Your emails are optimised for both desktop and mobile in mind. View a preview before you send.

  • Choose From A Range Of Pre-Made Templates And Brand Them To Your Own

    We have some professionally designed templates to get you started. Use them for marketing offers, products announcements, newsletters etc.

Email Personalisation

Build a closer relationship with your recipients using our pre-coded tags. Every campaign can be sent using your recipient’s name.

  • Custom Content

    Manage and grow your lists so you can focus on what is important. You can store custom data, like gender and location, making each campaign specific and more relevant to the recipient.

  • Segmentation

    Use our segmentation tool which allows you to target the right audience at the right place. Set a location and hit send.

  • Dynamic Content

    Go a step further by choosing different content for different people, all based on the subscribers’ information you already have.

  • A/B Optimising

    Choose two subject titles or two different email designs and see which style is being clicked on more. Spice Mail will choose the best performing email and send it.

Automation Software

Spice Mail ensure you are providing the right message to your recipients at the right time through our smart automated marketing system.

  • Auto Response

    Send an automatic email reply as soon as someone subscribes to your list. A great way to welcome someone on board.

  • Reminders

    Send an automated email before or after a date, this could be used for reminders, renewals or upcoming events you are holding.

  • Greetings

    Send automated birthday emails to your recipients. A simple way to show you care.

Send And Measure

Spice Mail allows you to get insights into how your email campaigns are performing in real time. You can see how your subscribers are engaging with your emails, see which emails they are opening, clicking on, and sharing with others.

  • See Results

    Once you’ve sent a campaign, Spice Mail will provide you with interactive statistics so you can see the percentage of opens, clicks, bounces and shares your campaign is having.

  • Real Time Engagement

    See where in the world your audience is opening clicking and sharing your email. What’s better is you can view this in a beautiful full screen world map. Click on a pin and see further results.

  • Visual Report

    We will provide you with a visual report of what buttons, links and images your recipients have clicked on. A great way for you to learn and understand what your clients like/dislike.


Expand further by utilising as much of your data with your business system. Connect our mail system with your business apps.

  • Facebook

    Add a subscribe form to your company Facebook page, connecting it to one of your subscription lists.

  • iPad App

    Create simple and stunning subscribe forms. Your iPad could be sitting on your stand, and it will look beautiful. Download the free iPad App, upload your own background and connect to one of your mailing lists.

    And wait…we forgot to mention, it works offline too.

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